Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Season

Well, the Fall Season is in full force. The leaves are almost completely down. We have been trying to keep on top of blowing and mulching leaves. I have a limited staff this time of year, but we are doing pretty good.

The Fall is also a time to kinda look back at the season that was. For the most part the season was good. The end of August and Early Sept brought us some turf damage. That was hard to deal with. The golf course is a part of my life. I almost look at it like one of my kids. When damage occurs, I take it very personal. I have always tried to provide the best conditions. However, sometimes no matter what you do, the turf can only handle so much.

As we exit the fall and enter winter the turf has been showing recovery. Greens 3,7, and 17 have been growing new seed. We will also be doing some sodding on those greens as we have time this fall. What we don't get done this year, we will finish up in the spring.

Stony and I are already looking ahead to 2011. We have been discussing potential projects and enhancements. Stay tuned.

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