Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hiawatha Goes Electric

2011 has begun at Hiawatha. All be it a slow beginning with a late spring and cool weather.

We can't dwell on that. Mother nature is out of our control. So, we have to set our eyes on the rest of the 2011 season.

This year we have decided to do our part to embrace the Green Movement. We have taken delivery on two new fully electric powered Greens Mowers. They are Jacobsen Eclipse mowers. Jacobsen is owned by Textron. Textron is the company behind our EZGo electric Golf Carts. The mowers utilize basically the exact same charging system as the golf carts.

The mowers charge is good for about 12 greens. Then we simply return them to the shop and plug them into the wall. The mowers will start to actually last longer the more charging cycles the get on the battery packs.

The mowers are very quiet. It's really odd to be mowing with something so quiet. For many many years we have become used to the traditional gas engine and the noise that goes with it.

I am really excited that the golf industry is getting to a point of having reliable electric equipment.

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