Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Dreaded Knotweed

Today we started the spring battle with our arch enemy KNOTWEED!
We started spraying Gallery, which is a Pre-Emergent Herbicide. We got a few fairways done before play got to heavy. We'll continue tomorrow as play permits.

It is crazy out there this spring. Everything is on a new schedule with this warm weather. Weeds are coming, grass is growing, my oh my! It's not to often you are spraying Dandylions in Apr, but we will be next week.

Tomorrow is a big day for me. I will be getting trained in on our new Baroness Walking Greens Mowers. I am honestly excited for this new endeavor. I think it will be the first time Hiawatha has ever walk mowed greens.

What can you expect from Walk mowers?
-precise cut
-less compaction
-no potential for hydraulic leaks
-more upright growth

Pictures to come soon

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