Sunday, April 25, 2010

Excited for this week.

We were able to get all the fairways sprayed last week with Pre Emerge for knotweed. Time will tell the effectiveness.

I am very excited to be starting our walk mower program tomorrow. I did a few hours of training last Thursday with the Baroness reps. I was very surprised at the quality of cut we got. Even after removing an area that had just been mowed with our current Tri Plex riding mower.

The walk mowers have several attachments. A De-Thatcher, Groomer, and a rotary brush. We will be using the De-Thatchers on Monday. They will help clean out the old grass, provide better water penetration, air movement to the turf plant crowns and help prep the thin area for seeding.

Once we have De-thatched, we switch to groomers for the next few weeks. The groomers just "tickle" the turf. They help cut out lateral turf growth and promote vertical growth. This vertical growth helps provide a more true putting surface and better ball roll.

However, most of all we need some nice growing weather. That is the biggest key to healing the course. I have to remind myself that we are only in April.

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  1. That is excellent news! Now that you have some great equipment, I'm excited to see the improvement.


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