Sunday, May 16, 2010


Frustration my word of choice this last week. I hope my words of choice this week will be "Thank You Mother Nature"

Back to last week frustration. After mowing my section of greens last Friday, I was very frustrated. I was not liking the still slow growing areas on greens.

We have done so many things thus far this spring to try and spur the greens. Fertilized, verticut, spiked, aerified. All to little production. Unfortunately, the soil temps have just plain been to low. For a little while the soil temps were building.

Then we had a bunch of rain and continued low nighttime temps. Those two factors took those rising soil temps and drove them right back down.

When I checked late last week the soil temps were around 55-58 degrees.
Those temps need to be more like mid 60's to 70. The grass is much happier to grow in that range.

As we head into this week I have high hopes. I hope the extended weather outlook will produce some fruitful grass growth. But, just in case we will continue to work hard to encourage growth. We'll be spiking, verticutting, and topdressing Monday and Tuesday this week.

Mother Nature do your magic!

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  1. Thanks for the least we know you are doing everything you can. Keep up the great work! Peach