Saturday, May 1, 2010

My first week with Our Baroness LM56 Walking Greens Mowers

We have just completed our First Week of cutting with our new Baroness LM56 mowers. Up until this last Monday, it had been 17 yrs since the last time a walk mowed a green. Back to my days at Minneapolis Golf Club. I am not going to lie, my body felt like it had been that long. My pedometer read almost ten miles walked in a 4 hour period. I mowed 14 greens.

I am really looking forward to cutting with these mowers for the rest of the summer. This week we used the De-Thatching attachment. This will clean out the old grow. As well as provide mow air space and water penetration.

This next week we will use the groomer attachment. This will help further provide air and water movement. It will also help remove the lateral plant growth and promote upright growth.

I am really liking the quality of cut of these mowers. Now we just need to get some warm weather to help the greens fill in from winter injury. Most of these areas have been seeded, now they just need to grow.

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