Sunday, August 22, 2010

Irrigation Upgrades

I thought I would post some updates to our irrigation system. Over the summer we have been slowly upgrading some our our out of date equipment. Specifically the satellite boxes(these control the irrigation programs) and the gear drive and nozzle assemblies on the greens heads.

The old metal satellite boxes are probably about 30 years old. They are becoming weathered and increasingly costly to trouble shoot and repair.

The new boxes are made of plastic. They are easier to repair and trouble shoot. They are also expandable in the future to allow remote control via a mobile device. They also have an on board rain sensor to shut down at a pre determined rain fall amount.

Additionally, these newer boxes allow me to reduce to amount of boxes on the golf course. Thereby reducing cost of the boxes themselves For instance the below picture used to have 3 metal boxes. Now just one.

Almost all the greens heads on the course have had their gear drives and nozzles swapped out for newer models. The new gears provide better rotation giving a more accurate and constant coverage. The nozzles provide better coverage near the heads. Notice in the pictures the first is the old nozzle with just one secondary spray. The new ones have two secondary spray nozzles.

We will also be updating fairway gear drives and nozzles. When Columbia redid their system, we claimed some of their old parts. The drives are much newer then ours and will save use some money.

Hopefully, in the coming years we will be able to continue to make upgrades.

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